Guilty Plea

Yesterday on January 28, 2013 Robert W. Pfanders Jr. pleaded guilty of 3rd degree murder, of the murder of my brother Timothy B. Reber, he was sentenced to fifteen to forty years in a state prison, the courtroom was packed, and only seven of those people in the courtroom, being family and friends of the defendants, the majority of the people, were family and friends of the victims, there was not a dry eye in that courtroom, you could hear the sobs, and bawling from in front and behind you as you sat and listen to the DA presenting her evidence, the defense lawyer present his evidence, and the testimonies from us(Tim’s sister’s and father). This is the article from this mornings newspaper                                                                       The father of a 31-year-old man killed in February got right to the point Monday when confronting the man being sentenced for his son’s slaying.

“I feel vindictiveness toward you,” Timothy M. Reber Sr. angrily said to Robert W. Pfanders Jr.

Pfanders was later sentenced to 15 to 40 years in state prison for third-degree murder in the Feb. 10 slaying of Reber’s son, Timothy B. Reber Jr. of Alsace Township.

“My only son was shot,” Reber of Exeter Township said to Pfanders, 26, of Boyertown. “I loved my only son. The hurt will never go away. I have trouble talking about it. He will never be forgotten by anyone.” 

A deputy sheriff immediately escorted Reber to his seat in Judge Paul M. Yatron’s packed courtroom.

The victim’s relatives showed photographs of him, describing him as a kind man with a great sense of humor.

The victim’s three sisters, Brittany Reber, 26, and Tracy Kemp, 36, both of Temple, and Brooke Matthews, 40, of Exeter Township, wept as they shared how they suffer nightmares and other health issues over his slaying.

Kemp looked at Pfanders and told him an angel is watching over her family.

“He (her brother) has a laugh that is contagious,” she said. “At his memorial there were over 300 guests. I am hurt and angry. I think of the man who took my brother’s life with sadness.”

Matthews testified she has nightmares about how her brother was murdered.

“In our family he was our hero,” she said. “I feel as though I am constantly ill. I feel as though I have to shelter my children.”

Brittany Reber said life has been a nightmare since her brother was killed.

“Did he suffer?” she asked. “I can’t get away from this overwhelming feeling of sadness. He was far too young to die.”                                                                                                           We heard testimonies from Pfanders himself and Pfanders mother, Pfanders mother stating that he came home and said something horrible had happened, and what if he had kids, in response to that Pfanders mother then gave him NyQuil and told him to sleep on it. What mother gives a child NyQuil after they’ve confessed to a murder, and then tells them to sleep on it? I know I should not judge a mother’s actions, because I know myself I don’t know what I’d do if any of my children would confess to a murder, but I’m pretty sure I would want my child to take full responsibility for their action for the victims family and loved ones, as the DA said there will be no amount of time that could ever spare the pain we have and will endure for the rest of our lives, but to risk the possibility that he could have only been found guilty of manslaughter, and only served one to five years in prison, would have been damaging and unfair to us(Tim’s family). I take pleasure in knowing he will be in a state prison, for at least fifteen years, and that I do have the right to write into the parole board, if in fifteen years he is released, as to why he should not be.I am thankful to all the family and friends who support us, and those who took time out of their mornings and day, to be at the hearings and trial with the family, I am very thankful to the DA and her team members, for doing what that thought was best and right for the our family, I am also thankful for all the time and help our victims advocate put in to our family, I send my sincere thanks to the Honorable Judge Yatron. I now leave you with this! Yesterday was a pretty intense and emotional day for our family, but he is now sentenced and hopefully we can move on with our lives, it will not heal or mend our broken hearts…. ever! It is something we will never fathom or get over, it is not something that can be cured or repaired with a band aid, we will always have Tim in our hearts, mind, memories, and we will live our life through him, he will be our angel looking over and out for us, and I do believe he will always give us some sort of little signs that he is still with us.                                                                                                                    


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